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93 Bands/Acts played RockSynchrony 2006!

Scroll down the page to see how it went...we're posting details as they become available!

You'll probably know by now that it's the aim of RockSynchrony to raise as much as we can for the TEENAGE CANCER TRUST and we very much appreciate Roger Daltrey taking the time to comment on our efforts on the TCT website (click the image below to visit the site).

Many thanks to all who took part. The donations for the Octagon event so far total £640.26. The Golden Cross in Coventry raised £520...huge thanks to John, Justine, Kristy, Anthony and the many Coventry performers. The Bromley Cross Acoustic event raised nearly £400 and Brenda, Tom and Chris still managed to fit in a lunchtime spot at the Octagon...many thanks for that! The Tap'n'Tin in Chatham raised £ stuff, Vic and the bands! Jack's event raised £110 at the Crampian in Perth...thanks to Jack and the team up there.  Details are still coming in, but meanwhile...

Rock Synchrony 2006 at the Golden Cross, Coventry

Gig organised by Jonny Random and Golden Cross Acoustic

Click HERE to see a host of great pics of this superb event!

Pictures by Annie Chalmers and  Ben Smith of AMC Potographics and couresy of  BBC Coventry

More details soon...

Rock Synchrony 2006 at the Tap'n'Tin, Chatham

Gig organised by Vic of DefZone


LIFE SENTENCE, one of the five bands who appeared at the Tap'n'Tin

Rock Synchrony 2006 at the Grampian Hotel, Perth

Gig organised by Jack Neill and James Adams


Zarakous (left) and El Fuego...two of the eight acts who appeared at the Perth event.

Click HERE for more pics!

Rock Synchrony 2006 at the Bromley Cross Inn, Colchester


(Above: Hosts Brenda and Tom)

Rock Synchrony 2006 at the Octagon, Colchester

GGintheG (the daytime leg)...Just wanted to say that all of the Guitarworks acts were excellent. As usual, the one to make the most slip ups was me, lol. It stands to reason that there'll be some nerves present at an event like this but, just as last year, everyone overcame them and performed like pro's. From Seb (10), Freya, Camilla, Brendon and (of course) Hazel kicking off the show right up to Beth and (of course, Frankie and Hazel) rounding off the daytime leg. I'm about as proud of the whole line-up as I could be and your contribution to the TCT just added to my admiration for such a great bunch. A special thanks to Hazel...the one day she really doesn't want to be unwell is this day, and she was not a well girl. How she made it through the day (and on into two acts in the evening) is beyond me but she just won't let anybody down. Frankie too...I tend to heap backing duties on these two without a thought for their sanity but they always pull it off. Hazel and Frankie...thank you!

I'll have more details/pics on the GGintheG website as soon as I can get it all together so keep a lookout and thanks again everyone.

The evening leg...

I'm finding it kinda tricky on reflection to believe that this all happened in one day !?! But Di assures me that it did and once again...I simply can't thank the bands, and the crowd which was here to see them (and those who started cooking AGAIN, lol), enough!  The following review was posted on ukbands on 2nd July 2006 by Dominic of First.Subject (great job...many thanks Dom). He very modestly left out an account of his own bands' performance and I shall be filling in that blank myself as soon as time allows. Suffice to say for now that we were all gobsmacked by First.Subject...a superb band and we're totally delighted that they've agreed (along with all the other bands here) to appear at the Octagon again next year. Anyway, here's what Dom had to say...

Rock Synchrony - Colchester - July 1st 2006

The basic concept of this event is, to be sure, awesome in its apparent simplicity. In aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust charity any band, at whatever level they are lucky enough to be on, anywhere in the world, can organise a gig of whatever size as long as it falls on the 1st of July. Think on - with just a little bit of publicity and support from a well known artist or two this deceptively simple concept could grow into an absolutely huge, well-established, planet-wide phenomenon. It couldn't be any easier; already touring artists merely have to state that the show they are doing on that date is part of it to actually be part of it. Seags, this is brilliant.

The Colchester gig, held last night at chez Seags, was a great thing to be part of. The venue itself is extraodinary - the Octagon is a purpose built practise-studio-come-venue in Seags' garden. Not massive by any standards but plenty big enough for a goodly number of fans to mosh out as their favourite bands deliver from the ample sized, slightly raised stage area. Sound problems are all but eliminated with the obligatory use of the house electronic kit - which sounded well good for all the bands I heard - and a bit of ongoing manual tweaking of the backline. Even the lack of foldback for vocals was not a real problem given this set up. People came and went as they pleased, choosing to sit inside and watch, or just chill and listen in the garden (BBQ and beer all in order). We arrived in time for to listen to the penalty shoot out in the car before joining the fray - but many had been there all afternoon listening to the array of talent on offer. 


First up for the evening leg of this marathon all dayer were FASHIONABLE ADDICTION. With Seags' son Tom providing a good solid backbeat, the Flying Heroes' very own Frankie and Hazel display their own brand of songwriting skill and musical style. They have just acquired a new member in the last couple of weeks and already sounded well on the way to being good and tight as a young live band taking their first steps in this wild and wacky world of live music. The fact that they have learnt their trade under the tuteledge of such an accomplished performer as Seags is evident - most of us started with just the energy and ideas and had to learn all that playing malarkey along the way - they're lucky - they can play already. I do think they will extend their musical technique and loosen up a little as performers as they write more, play together more and continue to develop their own identity as musicians, both individually and as a group. Yeah, they've had a great start - but next time I see them I want them to drown me in their sound - not just ask me to listen - MAKE ME; I know they can do it.

FLYING HEROES trod the boards next. Seags is, make no mistake, an immaculate performer - and his band did him proud. He gave faultless renditions of the Flying Heroes current catalogue and the appreciative crowd were - well ..... very appreciative. I think he would agree that his aim is not to rip the place apart - especially as he only just finished building it a few hours earlier - but to provide some great music as a live soundtrack to a chilled, relaxing evening; and this he is very very good at. The songs are superbly crafted and balanced and, as I said before, delivered by all three of them in the most professional manner. Personally I do think he is a great beacon to the young musicians who look to him for guidance and gives them a brilliant start to their careers (see Fashionable Addiction above). We need bands like the Flying Heroes to remind us that - for all the shouting and stomping around so loved by the current scene-sters - we are still musicians and there are always things we can learn and practice to make us better at what we do - whatever it is that we do (he almost makes me want to get a decent length guitar strap and play the bloody thing the right way round ....... I say almost). Always a pleasure to see a craftsman at work - apprentices in tow.

MONROE I like. For a start their singer is a stunner - and yes, like many others, I'm still trying to work out just where the straps under the straps on the dress were - but she also has a great voice and puts the songs across extremely convincingly. There is a bit of a Garbage feel to the set up - not the sound - but for the fact that their material comes across as being very well produced and thought out - and this is no bad thing. They definitely do not come across as a group who have just picked up their instruments and are merely banging it out whatever - there is a calculation to their sound which suits them very well. Again very professional and accomplished, they surely know what they want to achieve. They are, in my opinion, much better than a group like Opus Bridge who were carted off to America 6 months ago to start on the long treadmill of touring required to break over there and I reckon it won't be long until someone sees the commercial appeal of this group and takes full advantage. Their songs are strong - the image alone enough to make you listen out the first time of asking, but would undoubtably stand up to repeated listening if you knew them already - and their sound current and commercial. I for one will surely go see, and listen, to them again ......

Admittedly I could not stay to see all of ZEN MOTEL's set, but what I did see was superb. Their grasp of what they do is envious - and they do it so f*ckin well. They delivered their set with great charisma and confidence and gave the moshers exactly what they wanted - solid balls-to-the-walls bass and drums topped off with incisive shards of guitar spat out with a deft clinical precision. If you really wanna raaaawk then this is the group to go see. Close your eyes for a second and you were no longer in the Octagon - but anywhere you wanted to be, driven by the all encompassing rock sound of this highly convincing and competant band. I haven't spoken to Seags today - but as I left I did fear for the short term future of his prized new structure as Zen Motel definitely attempted to rip it down using nothing but pure sound and energy .......

All in all - a great evening and a fantastic tribute to this inaugral event. If nothing else - get your name down for next year 'cos I really do think this is gonna be a biggie .........


First.Subject at The Octagon (see video page)



Yet again, Di stayed calm, cooked for Britain, played a couple of songs, helped with a little last minute building and stayed stone cold sober (okay, that bit's rubbish) throughout. Needless to say this event couldn't even approach planning stage without her full support. Di, you're a gem!



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